Full STD Screen in London

Full sexual health screen

full-std-screeningWe pleased to offer a new package of tests to cover the majority of sexually transmitted diseases for your peace of mind.  The screen tests for all of the main sexually transmitted infections, includes an examination and any prescriptions you might require after the testing comes back.  If you have had unprotected sex, regardless of whether or not you have symptoms, you should consider sexual health testing, especially if you have a regular partner or are expecting to continue to be sexually active.  Not only do undetected infections get passed on, they can cause long-term health complications if not caught early.

Our sexual health screen provides fast results for your peace of mind, a discreet confidential service and after care where needed. 

Viral results take only 4 - 12 working hours and bacterial infection results come back in 3 – 5 days.  

Our service is entirely confidential and you can receive your results by telephone, email, post or collection from the clinic.

Prescriptions if required and a telephone consultation with a doctor when your results come back are included in the cost of your tests.

Please avoid going to the toilet for two hours before your test to improve accuracy of your urine test results and swab results. 

This package costs only £245 and includes:

•    HIV I & II
•    P24 antigen (early HIV detection)
•    Hepatitis C
•    Hepatitis B
•    Syphilis
•    Herpes
•    Chlamydia
•    Gonorrhoea
•    Bacterial infections
•    Ureaplasma
•    Mycoplasma

If you have ever had unprotected sex, are starting a new relationship or are experiencing symptoms, this screen will help give you peace of mind and catch any infections that require treatment.

Depending on your sexual practices, a doctor might recommend a full screen regardless how recently your most recent encounter was and will recommend a repeat of certain tests after the appropriate window period. They might also recommend Multiplex testing for the most accurate early detection available. 


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